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Solidification and heat transfer in the continuous casting of steel Lait, James Edward


Radioactive gold has been added to the liquid pool during the continuous casting of mild steel billets, blooms and beam blanks and of a stainless steel slab. The tests were conducted on low-head, curved mold and straight mold, vertical bend type casting machines. From autoradio-graphs of the sections of the steel, observations were made of the flow pattern in the liquid pool, of the uniformity and thickness of the solid shell in the mold and sub-mold regions and of the cast structure of the strand. Pool depths were estimated from the position of tungsten pellets containing radioactive cobalt, dropped into the pool with the gold. One and two-dimensional finite difference heat transfer models were developed to calculate the pool profiles in strands being continuously cast. The predicted pool profiles and pool depths have been compared to profiles measured from autoradiographs and pool depths measured with tungsten pellets. The model-predicted surface temperatures of low carbon steel billets at the mold bottom have been compared to measured values reported in the literature. The pool and surface temperature profiles calculated with the finite difference model have been compared to profiles predicted by an integral profile model.

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