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"One country, two networks" : China and the internet, a threat or opportunity to sovereignty? Rausenberg, Esther


The purpose of this thesis is to determine whether there is a direct correlation between state sovereignty and the Internet and whether the Internet, which includes commercial initiatives will weaken state sovereignty in China. Through an analysis of the influences of state sovereignty such as globalisation, nationalism, power and territory, the first chapter contends that these factors are contributing to strengthening state sovereignty. In fact, the shape of state sovereignty may be retrenching to familiar territory and not eroding, as some contend. This notion is further reinforced through the examination of information communication technologies and the unique characteristics attributed to the Internet. It is further supported in the analysis of Singapore and Malaysia, two countries that have successfully balanced state control with the development of the Internet and e-commerce initiatives. The conclusion restates the main aspects that impact on nationstate sovereignty. It posits that various information communication technologies can actually serve to fortify state authoritarian control.

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