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Educational drama : one teacher's search for significance Jardine, Laurie


This study describes the journey of one teacher and her students through a year of change in thinking about, planning and implementing the secondary drama program. The change occurred as a result of a six-week summer course which I took in 1990, with leading drama theorist, Gavin Bolton. In September, 1990, I began to use the methodology and theory presented by Bolton in my own secondary drama program for Grade Eight, Nine and Ten students. The data for the study came from the student journals, teacher/ researcher observation, interviews, samples of student writing-in-role and post-unit evaluative strategies collected throughout this year of transition. The results indicate that the change of methodology had an impact on the perceived learning outcomes for both students and teacher. As well, strong evidence surfaced to support my belief that teaching drama in this manner has benefits which may not be easily achieved by other means. This study was written for teachers and students in the belief that both may find a more significant learning experience through the use of educational drama.

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