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Preliminary data on a test of ability to identify the main ideas of paragraphs in expository material Small, Terry


The study was designed to collect data on the first and second drafts of a test of ability to recognize the main ideas in paragraphs of expository material. The study required two major steps. The first step was to design and conduct a preliminary study. In the preliminary study twenty-seven grade six and seven students were administered a Main Ideas in Paragraphs Test on three levels, (grades 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6) consisting of four tasks; Choose the Best Title, Choose the Best Question, Write the Question and Write the Main Idea. In the second step, the main study, the Main Ideas in Paragraphs Test was administered to 230 fourth, fifth and seventh grade students in the schools. Scores collected in the study will be used as the data base for further revision of the test.

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