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The extent to which information skills have been integrated into primary curricula in British Columbia Harper, Joan E.


This study addressed the question of whether or not information skills actually were being taught in context with curriculum units of study. The three questions it attempted to answer were: 1. To what extent have primary teachers and teacher-librarians integrated information skills into primary curriculum subjects in British Columbia? 2. Have teacher-librarian qualifications and/or hours of employment in a school library resource centre influenced the integration process? 3. Has the handbook. Primary Library Activities facilitated the integration of information skills into primary curricula? Data collection included both a written questionnaire and oral telephone interviews. The sample for the study was purchasers of Primary Library Activities. in the years 1984 and 1983. The responses to each question were tabulated and an analysis of variance was conducted to compare the variables in question two with other data. The researcher found that: - a majority of educators stated they were teaching information skills by integration. - there was no relationship between the courses a teacher-librarian had completed and/or the hours he/she was employed in a school library resource centre and integration. - a considerable difference was observable in the amount of flexible scheduling between schools located in rural areas and those located in cities. - Primary Library Activities, had been helpful in integrating information skills. A limitation in this study was the small sample. The results of the study can be viewed as an indication only and need to be replicated by further research.

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