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Leisure reading habits and preferences of anglophone grade 6 early French immersion students related to book promotional activities Picha, Katharine Agnes


This study investigated the leisure reading of British Columbia grade 6 anglophone French immersion students, attempting to find out their genre preferences, their language preferences, the amounts they read, and whether there were significant differences between the reading of the boys and the girls. It further sought to determine whether there were any relationships between the children's reading and teacher, teacher-librarian and public librarian activities, or the French language materials to which the children had access. Data were collected by means of four questionnaires—to grade 6 immersion students, to grade 6 language arts teachers (English and French), to teacher-librarians in immersion schools, and to public librarians in communities with immersion schools. Statistical analyses were made of: circumstances reported by the teachers, teacher-librarians, and public librarians by isolating the replies of the children in the corresponding classes. This researcher found that: children preferred to read in English; genre preferences varied widely from child to child, and were different between boys and girls; very few activities of teachers, teacher-librarians or public librarians could be related to the volume of children's reading; and very few circumstances of the school library collections could be related to the volume of children's reading.

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