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Cloze procedure : a comparison of exact and acceptable scoring Laing, John B.


A large number of studies support the use of cloze procedure as a measure of overall language proficiency. Despite the acceptance of the procedure itself there is considerable debate concerning the most appropriate scoring procedure to use. This study set out to compare exact and acceptable scoring of cloze tests in order to to determine which is most reliable. Ninety-two students in two colleges were tested with cloze tests made up of two different passages contained in each test. Pearson product moment correlation coefficients were calculated between exact and acceptable scores and it was found that the two scores correlated very highly at .92 for the whole test scores (made up of two 50 item cloze tests). Correlations for different passages 50 items in length ranged from .83 to .87. These results indicate that the exact method of scoring can be used instead of the acceptable method of scoring with little loss of information. It was found that correlations between different passages ranged from .53 (N=45) to .74 (N=47) indicating that in some cases the scores from cloze tests constructed from different passages may produce different results.

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