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Democracy through drama Superstein, Andrea


Democracy Through Drama is a performative research inquiry investigating the connections between critical pedagogy, students empowerment and a drama curriculum. The curriculum was developed and implemented with a group of elementary school students to determine whether democracy in the classroom was possible to achieve through performance. The students were asked to choose a theme and then to write and perform a play on the theme. Using improvisation activities, writing prompts and group discussion, the group created and rehearsed scenes which were then organized into a nonlinear performance piece based on the subject of 'School' All aspects of the project were documented on film by the students and are incorporated into the thesis. Based on the responses of student interviews, it can be concluded that dramatic activities in the classroom promoted student empowerment and student voice in this case. Highlighted components include a montage of the rehearsal process, the final performance, interviews and reflections of the students, comments from the director and a slide show bibliography. Programs used to create the DVD were iMovie 3.0 and iDVD 3.0. The total video file size is 4.16 GB. Graphic design and liner notes were constructed with InDesign 2.0.1 and Photoshop 7.0. Total file size for liner notes package is 778 KB.

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