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Examining student conceptualisations of and attitude toward the reading process and reading assessment Cooper, Kenneth Charles


In this study the researcher provides descriptive analysis of a number of research questions looking at children's conceptualisations of and attitude toward reading and reading assessment. The researcher used six different reading assessment instruments covering a range from authentic through informal to standardised testing. Through descriptive, non-statisticatiy significant analysis of the data generated primarily from 96 student interviews about the assessment sessions and 9 teacher interviews conducted with 12 students and 3 teachers, and the supporting data from a selection of surveys and questionnaires, the researcher looked at students' conceptualisations of and attitude toward the reading process and reading assessment, student metacognitive control of assessment processes, and teacher preferences in reading assessment. The researcher also speculated about the influence of six instructional, familial, and personal factors (instructional background, socio-economic background, level of reading development, gender, ESL/non-ESL background, and reading model held) on these conceptualisations and attitudes. Although there was ample evidence to show that grade 4 students had conceptualisations of and attitudes to reading and reading assessment and were able to articulate these, the influence of the six study factors could only be speculated upon. This speculation led to a number of recommendations for further research.

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