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ESL teacher education in British Columbia : experienced teachers' perceptions and preferences Voth, Charles D.


This thesis surveyed the perceptions and preferences of experienced ESL teachers in British Columbia concerning their second language teacher education (SLTE). The study asked what skills and knowledge were important for SLTE in light of teaching experience, and what experiences and activities for training were preferred in light of past training or personal learning styles. A 92-item questionnaire based on one used by Richards and Hino (1983) was distributed to 412 teachers, members of an ESL teacher association. The response rate was 32.76%. The results of a descriptive statistical analysis indicated that generally, the respondents had not frequently received training for skills and knowledge that they considered to be high priority. In addition, the items for which the respondents had received adequate training were not frequently indicated as high priority items for SLTE. The data was further broken down by levels of training, years of experience, and learner age groups. This analysis also revealed some interesting differences among the respondents. Recommendations were made that SLTE programme planners take trainees' needs into account and that they model what they propose to be good teaching approaches. Finally, possible areas for further research are discussed.

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