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The effects on writing and revision of two different feedback methods : Teachers’s written feedback and writing conference feedback Buck, Roberta Rude


This thesis investigates the effects of teachers' written feedback and writing conference feedback on writing and revision and on attitudes toward writing and revision. Seventeen subjects received teachers' written feedback and/or writing conference feedback on drafts of three assignments written for a university-level computer science course. Subjects also completed pre- and post-questionnaires surveying their attitudes toward writing and revision. Data collected for each writing assignment included all initial drafts, teachers' written and writing conference feedback, and all final drafts. All written and conference feedback and selected revisions were coded according to the researcher's coding schemes. Essays were holistically rated. Features of each type of feedback were assessed for their effects on writing and revision. Feedback methods were found to differentially affect revisions and between-draft holistic score differences. Feedback methods were also found to differentially affect subjects' changes in attitude toward writing and revision.

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