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Banking reforms in global market : China and Taiwan Liao, I-Hui Amy


As a result of innovations in financial technology and financial liberalization, financial sectors have operated more globally in the past decades. It is clear that the process of globalization highlights the importance of international standards. In the area of international banking, GATS and Basel Principles are the most influential standards because no countries can conduct their banking activities in global market without the consideration of these two regimes. Both China and Taiwan are seeking to join the WTO and have committed a lot of efforts in their banking reforms by reference to GATS. However, the eruption and contagion of Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 demonstrates that most Asian countries, including China and Taiwan, fail to develop a prudential and comprehensive banking regulatory regime in consistent with the Basel Principles before, or, at a minimum, no later than financial liberalization. Thus, in recommending financial liberalization and globalization through a safe and sound banking supervisory system, this thesis introduces a comparative study of the banking supervisory regimes in China and Taiwan under the impact of the international banking regime constructed by the GATS and the Basel Principles.

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