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E-commerce in China Wang, Chunyan


Internet and electronic commerce (e-commerce) promote China's rapid economic growth towards modernization and globalisation. This thesis highlights some of the legal issues surrounding e-commerce and the measures taken by nations and international organisations to address these problems. It is generally acknowledged that legal issues on e-commerce have a global dimension and can no longer be solved by national solutions only. Fragmented and diverse national approaches adopted by individual nation would adversely affect the development of electronic commerce. To this end, a number of legal efforts regarding e-commerce by international organizations and countries will be discussed and compared in this thesis. The challenges for e-commerce that international society faces exist as well in China. Domestic development and problems, legal issues and regulations on e-commerce in China are outlined. Some suggestions will be given on how to achieve balance between the development and the regulation on e-commerce in China. The conclusion suggests that e-commerce law should keep up with development and globalisation in this area. If treated correctly, e-commerce has potential benefit for everyone and could be a major source of wealth creation. However, balance should be taken into consideration between the public security and the benefits associated with the free flow of information.

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