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The development of a single-item test as a measure of soccer skill Johnson, Joseph Robert


The purpose of this study was to develop and establish a wall-volley type test as a method of measuring soccer skill. The subjects were students in attendance at The University of British Columbia. The test was administered to 75 students who represented five distinct soccer ability groups: The Thunderbirds (Varsity first team), the Chiefs (Varsity second team), the Braves (Varsity third team), a Physical Education major class, and a Service Programme class. Each group consisted of 15 subjects. Subjects were rank-ordered by the experimenter according to ability. The test required each subject to perform the wall volley test of three 30-second trials. The subject's aggregate score was correlated against the experimenter's rank ordering of players. This test differed from previous wall-volley type tests of soccer ability in the dimensions of the target area; the distance of the restraining line; the use of a moving ball at the commencement of the test, and in the method of scoring. Test results proved satisfactory, and the test suggests itself as a speedy, economic means of evaluating the soccer skill of players by coaches and physical educators. It was noted from repeated testing that subjects perform better after at least two practice sessions.

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