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The relationship of individual anaerobic thresholds to total, alactic, and lactic oxygen debts after a set treadmill run Wiley, James Preston


Anaerobic threshold speed (VTAM) was determined for 20 male university students using a continuous treadmill protocol. The onset of anaerobiosis was determined by analyzing excess CO₂ elimination. The following week, all subjects ran at the VTAM median speed of 7.25 miles per hour for 10 minutes. Recovery oxygen consumption was monitored after this run. Application of double exponential equations by computer and subsequent integration, calculated Total, Alactic, and Lactic Oxygen Debts. Subjects who ran above their VTAM (group L-VTAM) had significantly (p < .05) higher total, lactic and alactic debts than those subjects who ran below their VTAM (group H-VTAM). The total debt showed a significant (p < .05) negative correlation (r=-.77) to in; group L-VTAM. This appears to be due to the increasing lactic debt, that was also significantly (p < .05) negatively correlated (r=-.73) to VTAM. Group H-VTAM did not exhibit this characteristic. This study demonstrates that VTAM is a critical factor in determining oxygen debt and therefore, work above this point results in the onset of metabolic acidosis, which may limit the optimal running speed for a given distance.

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