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Anthropometric, cardiovascular and motor performance characteristics of university ice hockey players Selder, Dennis James


The purpose of this study was to describe characteristics of physique, motor fitness and cardiovascular fitness of University ice hockey players. Fourteen University of British Columbia varsity ice hockey players were given selected tests of physique, motor fitness and cardiovascular fitness. The tests were administered during the last month of the competitive season. In the physique area the subjects were characterized by extreme mesomorphy, average endomorphy, low ectomorphy, low fat measurements, had relatively long trunks, wide hips, slightly above average shoulder width and arm proportions that are mechanically suited for efficient mechanical manoeuvering of a light instrument such as a hockey stick. The motor fitness tests ranged from average to good and could not be considered excellent for a group of athletes. The cardiovascular measurements ranged from good to excellent. These results were attributed to the nature of the sport and the demanding interval-like training program which the hockey team had undergone during the season.

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