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Determinants of bone mineral density in pre-and early-pubertal asian-and causcasian-Canadians : exercise intervention and family studies Petit, Moira Anne


Background: There is increasing evidence that the pre- and early-pubertal years may be a biologically optimal time for exercise to influence bone mass. The primary focus of this thesis was to examine the effects of a school-based exercise intervention in pre- and early- pubescent children (study 3). A secondary objective was to examine sex and ethnic differences in BMD (study 1), and familial resemblance of total body bone, lean and fat mass (study 2). Methods & Results: 1) Sex and ethnic differences in BMD, physical activity and calcium intake were examined in 168 Asian (n=58) and Caucasian (n=110) boys (n=86) and girls (n=82). Physical activity, calcium intake, and femoral neck BMD were lower in Asian as compared to Caucasian boys (p

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