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A criterion-referenced approach to test construction in physical education Brar, Surinder


The primary purpose of this study was to apply criterion-referenced (CR) test construction procedures in the development of a Basic Fitness Theory Exam (BFTE) for the British Columbia Recreation Association-Fitness Branch as part of a registration model for Basic Fitness Leaders. The BFTE will be used to determine whether or not individuals have sufficient knowledge to be certified as fitness instructors in British Columbia. A secondary purpose was to provide a clear set of procedures for CR test development of Physical Education knowledge tests. The development of the BFTE consisted of a number of stages and involved three pilot tests. Pilot #1 consisted of 57 items and was administered to physical education students at The University of British Columbia (92 in Year I and 72 in Year II). After the results of the statistical analyses were presented to the Provincial Fitness Advisory Committee, 22 items were revised, 22 items were replaced, no items were deleted, 3 items were added, and 13 items were left unchanged. Pilot #2, consisting of 60 items, was administered to 94 instructed (upon completion of a 40 hour course) and 106 uninstructed (upon commencement of a 40 hour course) subjects. Again, comprehensive statistical analyses were performed and then the results were presented to the PFAC. In all, 15 items were deleted, one item was revised, and no items were added in constructing Pilot #3. Pilot #3, the final test, consists of 45 items and is presently being used in the British Columbia Recreation Association-Fitness Branch's registration model for the Basic Fitness Leader (Level I). The BFTE has a "pass" criterion of 70% (32 out of 45).

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