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Augmented concurrent error information and the acquisition of the continuous gross motor skill of forward outside edges in figure skating Russell, Susan Leilani


An experiment was designed to test the effects of increased availability of FB cues through the use of augmented concurrent error information on the acquisition of the continuous, gross motor skill of consecutive forward outside edges in figure skating. Each of 2 groups of 10 Ss per group skated 20 trials, consisting of 6 consecutive outside edges, on each of 2 days. Percent time spent on edge was measured as the dependent variable. In addition to verbal KR and instructional information, received from an instructor working in a double blind condition, the experimental group also received immediate, concurrent, response generated error information from a telemetric monitoring device. On day 2, all subjects from both groups performed an additional 10 trials, without the aid of KR, instructional information, or information from the monitoring device. Two hypotheses were tested. Hypothesis 1, which stated that subjects having increased accessibility to relevant FB cues would show a faster rate of skill acquisition, was supported by the results of this study and is in keeping with closed-loop motor control theory. Hypothesis 2, which stated that artificially enhancing error information does not inhibit progress to the motor stage of skill acquisition as reflected in performance maintenance when KR is withdrawn, was also supported by the results. There was no significant change in performance when KR and the telemetric monitoring device were withdrawn on Day 2 of the experiment.

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