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Kinesthetic sensitivity to amplitude of active movement of the shoulder joint Shields, Kenneth William Daniel


The purpose of this study was to examine the sensitivity of the kinesthetic system in active movement of the shoulder joint. Three movement amplitudes, 45°, 90° and 125° were studied under two classical psychophysical methods, the method of constant stimuli and the method of average error. Ten subjects were each given one hundred trials per standard for both methods. Results yielded difference limens ranging from 1.4° to 2.2° and constant errors ranging from -0.07° to 1.05°, for the three standards. However, no significant differences occurred among DLs within each method and thus Weber's Ratio was found not to be constant over the range of movement. In terms of constant errors there was only one significant difference among these errors within the two methods. Learning was found not to occur in the method of average error in that algebraic error, absolute error and within subject variability did not exhibit any tendency to become smaller.

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