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A Psychophysics of active kinesthesis as measured by amplitude of movement Reid , Ian Stewart


The purpose of this study was to determine whether judgment, of amplitude of active movement was subserved by a prothetic or metathetic process. To differentiate between these two processes several psychophysical methods were employed. Fifty volunteer subjects were randomly assigned to one of five groups of equal N. Each of the groups produced movements under one of five experimental conditions. These conditions were: Ratio Production, Magnitude Production, Bisection of Ascending Stimulus Series, Bisection of Descending Stimulus Series, and Category Production The results of Group I (R.P.) and Group II (M.P.) showed that judgments of amplitude of movement were constant over the movement continuum as used in this study. There was also a lack of an hysteresis effect shown in the comparison of bisections of ascending and descending stimulus series. The comparison of the subjective and physical variables of category production also showed constant sensitivity over the continuum range. Taken as a whole, the findings tended to support the conclusion that judgments of amplitude of movement are subserved by a metathetic process.

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