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The Nexus Generation and marketing in the Canadian ski industry : a case study of three resorts Northcott, Jasmine R.


This study critically examined how three Canadian ski resorts markets to the Nexus Generation (population cohort aged 18 to 35 years) by evaluating the marketing practices of three leading ski resorts owned by a major resort development company located in Canada. The research objectives were to critically review the resorts' marketing methods for profiling and targeting the Nexus Generation, and evaluate the effectiveness of these methods based on established theory in generational marketing. The study followed a case study approach and a qualitative research methodology. Marketing Directors from the three ski resorts were recruited into the study and interviewed using semi-structured interview methods. Interviews were conducted on-site at the respective resorts in order to provide a more natural environment for the participants and to facilitate field observations and collection of marketing plans and materials. Data analysis focused on the resorts' profiles and amenities, their target consumer groups, and their marketing approaches, including any use of generational marketing methods, and any targeting of Nexus. The results indicate that the ski resorts' application of generational marketing as a marketing strategy and their perceptions of Nexus as a market segment correlated well with theories of generational marketing and the Nexus generation. The Nexus generation was not identified as a specific target market, however, it overlapped many of the target groups outlined by the ski resorts. Although not marketed to directly, Nexus was identified as an important group and in particular their vitality and youth were valued as a desirable quality to have associated with the resort. Generational marketing was used by each of the resorts to varying degrees, however, further steps could be taken in this area such as determining major world and life experiences that have affected the attitudes of skiing consumers, including their perceptions of critical ski resort amenities and services, and their attitudes towards money and consumerism more generally. The analysis contributed to the literature by providing a concrete case study that critically evaluated generational marketing approaches at three Canadian ski resorts, and points the way for further use of generational marketing methods in the ski industry.

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