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Construction and validation of a volleyball proficiency test : cognitive and psychomotor domains Baydock, Donna Anne


The purpose of this study was to construct and validate an assessment tool that could be used to determine the level of cognitive and psychomotor proficiency possessed at the introductory level of volleyball. The proposed test was administered to 24 males and 24 females evenly stratified into three skill levels: elite, instructed and novice. Analysis of variance was used to determine construct validity while the Pearson Product Moment Correlation, kappa coefficient and Generalizability coefficient were all used to determine reliability of various components of the test. Correlation between test components was investigated as was the relationship between achievement of mastery and skill level as demonstrated by the Chi Square statistic. Data analysis led to the conclusion that all test components were valid and reliable measures of introductory level volleyball skill with some caution being advised in the interpretation of the kappa coefficient. Test components were related but not redundant and nine of the 11 test components showed a significant relationship between achievement of mastery and skill level.

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