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The effects of repeated viewings on the accuracy of judging selected gymnastics events Michelitsch, Karoline Rose


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of repeated viewings of gymnastics routines on the accuracy of judges' scores. More specifically, the purposes were threefold: firstly, to determine if the accuracy of judges' scores improved with repeated viewings of the same routines; secondly, to determine the number of repeated viewings required to optimally improve the scorers' accuracy; and thirdly, to determine the relationship between the number of viewings established and the participating judges' levels of proficiency. Criterion scores for four selected vault performances and four selected optional uneven parallel bars routines were established by two women's gymnastics judges, one of national and one of international certification. Four treatment conditions were established, each having a different routine shown one, two, three or four times. Eight regional judges and eight national judges were presented with the vault and bars test videotapes; all judges viewed the same treatments but the presentation order was determined by the Latin Square design. The judges recorded their deductions for each vault performance and their values for each of the component part scores for each bars performance. The experimenter tabulated the final scores for each event and calculated the absolute deviations of the experimental scores from their respective criterion scores. The results indicate that scores for vault become more accurate with repeated viewings and that uneven bars scoring, though reasonably accurate after a single viewing, improved in terms of reduced variability after more than one viewing. The increased accuracy in scores implies that repeated viewings reduce the limiting effects of human information processing capacities on judges' scoring accuracy. No significant differences were found between judges of regional and national proficiency levels.

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