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Effects of specialized training on the physical fitness of university competitive swimmers Gautschi, Edwin Harold Marcel


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of specialized training on the physical fitness of twelve members of the University of British Columbia Swimming Team. The specialized training consisted of the Basic or General Circuit, the Interval Circuit and the Swim Circuit. The areas of physical fitness that were being considered included dynamic strength, dynamometer or static strength, cardiovascular endurance, breathing capacity, reaction time and ankle flexibility. The subjects were tested on three occasions; first, previous to the commencement of the training programme, second, midway through the competitive swimming season, and finally, at the completion of training. The experiment covered a period of approximately six months. Results were compared for the initial and intermediate tests, the initial and final tests and for the intermediate and final tests. Most notable improvement was shown in dynamic strength, whereas dynamometer strength evidenced no improvement. Significant improvement was also found in reaction time and ankle flexibility, but no improvement was indicated in cardiovascular endurance or breathing capacity.

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