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The effect of weight training on certain measures of agility Morford, Walter Robert


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of weight training on general agility, and further, to examine the effectiveness of progressive resistance exercise, as opposed to badminton, in the development of general agility. Three factors, non-translatory, translatory and change of direction were identified in the literature as being separate components of general agility. Suitable tests representing these factors were selected to examine the hypotheses. Thirty-six University of British Columbia first and second year students enrolled in the service programme of the School of Physical Education were randomly selected and divided into three groups. Following the initial tests, the Experimental Group underwent a programme of weight training, one of the Control groups played badminton and the second Control group was restricted from all physical education activity. At the end of the ten week period, the three groups were retested in the same manner. The Experimental Group averaged gains in performance that were statistically significant for all three items, whereas, Control Group I (Badminton) exhibited gains that were statistically significant in the Burpee and Side Step tests only. No statistically significant gains were obtained for Control Group II (no activity). The improvement of the Experimental Group did not significantly exceed the improvement of Control Group I in any of the tests, but did, however, significantly exceed the improvement of Control Group II in the Burpee and Side Step tests. The improvement of Control Group I significantly exceeded that of Control Group II in the Side Step Test only. A low statistical relationship was established between the three test Items. It was concluded that weight training was effective in developing non-translatory and translatory agility, and that badminton was also effective in developing these aspects of agility.

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