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The effects of prototypic examples and video replay on adolescent girls' acquisition of basic field hockey skills Russell, Diane


This study examined and compared the effect of two feedback methodologies (visual and traditional) on the degree of skill acquisition for the two field hockey skills, Indian dribble and moving drive. Forty-seven female physical education students, ages 12 to 14 years, practised two basic field hockey skills for four consecutive classes. The experimental group was presented with a prototypic example, video feedback (VF), and checklist analysis while the control group was taught by traditional feedback methods which included teacher and student demonstrations in conjunction with verbal feedback. Performance evaluations were made by comparing scores on the Russell (1989) Field Hockey Checklist of Critical Behaviours. Motivational and attitudinal aspects were compared by the use of a Learning Perceptions Questionnaire. An ANCOVA of the Indian dribble performances did not reveal a significant difference between the methodologies. Analysis of the degrees of improvement was made using two comparisons (a) percentage improvement calculations revealed a mean of 27% for the control group and 31% for the experimental group, (b) the Hale and Hale (1972) procedure indicated means of 7.42 and 7.24 for the control and experimental groups, respectively. The ANCOVA of the moving drive indicated a significant difference (F=5.75, p

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