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Electroencephalographic correlates of cerebral engagement in auditory and visual language processing tasks in persons with down syndrome Sturrock, Sara Katheleen


There has been extensive research performed regarding language processing in persons with Down syndrome. The results of initial dichotic listening studies and movement control studies lead Elliott Weeks and Elliott (1987) to propose a model of functional dissociation between brain centers sub-serving language perception and those sub-serving language production in persons with DS. Based on this model many new avenues of research emerged. The predictions of the model that have been tested thus far have focused on behavioural actions of persons with DS as compared to non-DS populations. The results of these subsequent experiments have provided support to the dissociation model (Elliott, Weeks & Elliott 1987). The present experiments were intended to further investigate language laterality in persons with DS. EEG was used as a means of investigating the purported atypical cerebral lateralization for language perception in persons with DS. The results of the present experiments lend some support to the dissociation model of DS and suggest that the model may be broadened to encompass language processing in general and not auditory language processing specifically.

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