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Determination of exponential rate constants for calpain-mediated degradation of myofibrillar complexed proteins Albisser, Tracie


The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that an orderly sequence or time course of calpain action on purified myofibrillar/cytoskeletal complexes from cardiac and fast muscle tissue exists. To test the response of individual substrate proteins to degradation (i.e. susceptibility), exogenous calpain (1.5U/ml) was incubated with 40 ug of highly purified rat myofibrillar complexes from cardiac and gastrocnemius muscles (0 to 60 min), in vitro. Apparent molecular weights (SDS-PAGE) were used to compare and identify individual myofibril proteins. Myofibrillar yields for cardiac (n=9) and fast skeletal (n=9) muscles were 62.93 ± 6.58 and 98.42 ± 9.36 mg/g (p

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