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A descriptive case study of selected recreation commissions Gordon, Terence Ian


Faced with a constant struggle for their existence, certain rural Recreation Commissions in British Columbia are examining their purposes and functions as agencies responsible for recreational programmes. This case study of seven selected rural Recreation Commissions was undertaken to examine and to analyse certain aspects of the organization and operation of these commissions in serving small populations. The Commissions were selected from a list compiled by the Community Programmes Branch Consultants and which met specific criteria assuring the investigator that each Commission was active by Community Programmes Branch standards, voluntarily operated and rural in nature. The Commissions selected consisted of four with populations less than five hundred and three with populations of more than five hundred people. All Commissions studied were in unincorporated areas. Following an interviewing procedure during the summer of 1967 with selected members of each Commission and a second phase consisting of a mailed questionnaire completed by each Commission collectively, case study reports were prepared. In the analysis a breakdown of elements related to the organizational structure of the Commissions and their operation was completed. This analysis determined the basic causes of the Commission’s shortcomings and whose struggle is merely a manifestation of greater problems. Suggestions are then made for correcting the pitfalls that these Commissions have found themselves in, with specific reference made to proper organizational structure, determining the recreational needs of the people represented, leadership development, and budgeting and finance. Finally, a suggestion is outlined for a reorganization of rural Commissions in unincorporated areas such as those studied, under the authority of Regional Districts. In this way many problems common to rural recreation Commissions such as those studied may be overcome.

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