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The personality characteristics of three groups of athletes Murray, Neil Henry


The personality characteristics of three different groups of athletes at the University of British Columbia were investigated to determine: 1. If significant differences existed among the personalities of the three different groups. 2. If there were significant differences in personality between the total number of athletes tested and the college norms. 3. If one group of athletes differed from the norm more than the other groups. Cattell's Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire was administered to forty-five subjects competing in intercollegiate athletics at the University of British Columbia. Fifteen of the subjects participated in basketball, fifteen in football, and fifteen in hockey. Results derived by the method of an analysis of variance and “t" tests indicated that: 1. The hockey group scored significantly higher than the football group on the personality factor, radicalism. 2. The total number of athletes tested scored significantly lower on the factors, shrewdness and apprehensiveness, and significantly higher on the factor, Intelligence, in comparison with established college norms. 3. The hockey group scored higher than the college norms on three personality factors, namely, intelligence, tough-mindedness and radicalism.

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