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Assessment of the Visa-A questionnaire for Achilles tendinopathy and its correlation with imaging Robinson, Jennifer Mary


Background: Because Achilles tendon disorders, which are common, have a significant morbidity among athletes, further research into efficacious treatments is necessary. Yet there is a lack of objective or quantifiable outcome measurement tools. Purpose: The purpose of this thesis was to investigate outcome measurement tools used in Achilles tendinopathy research. In particular clinical measures that quantify the severity of the patient's condition and ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging were examined. Methods: A 3-month prospective study was done. Participants: Forty five consecutive patients (27 men, 18 women; mean age 42 years, range 20-66 years) with 57 symptomatic and 33 asymptomatic Achilles tendons (mean duration 21 months, range 0.5 - 120 months) were admitted to the study. Results: The VISA-A questionnaire had construct validity. The VISA-A scores of the 45 subjects correlated significantly (p

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