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Relationship of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption to VO₂max and recovery rate Gitto, Anita Theresa


The purpose of this study was to examine (i) the relationship between Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), peak blood lactate [BLa], and a measure of the fast and slow components of recovery (ɽ1 and ɽ2) and aerobic capacity (VO₂max) using three different supramaximal treadmill tests, and (ii) the effects of varying intensity and duration of supramaximal work on EPOC. Twelve males (mean: age=23.9 y, ht= 183.7 cm, wt=82.2 kg) performed a V0₂max and three anaerobic speed tests (ASTs). The ASTs represented a controlled intensity test (20% grade), a fixed duration test (2 min.), and a fixed intensity and duration test (15%-1 min.). No significant relationships were found between V0₂max, EPOC, rate (ɽ1 and ɽ2), or peak blood lactate. However, significant relationships were evident between anaerobic capacity and EPOC 20% (r=.74, p

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