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The effects of an 8-week, pre-season training program on vertical jump, agility and anaerobic power in elite female basketball players Bott, Carmen E.


The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effectiveness of an eight-week training program by comparing changes in four performance indicators: vertical jump, peak power, agility and anaerobic power. An additional objective was to monitor the adaptive process of each subject in the treatment group by quantifying the training stimulus and measuring these adaptation indicators: fatigue, stress, sleep quality and DOMS, via a daily training log. The treatment group, (n= 10) completed an eight-week pre-season plan, which emphasized agility, explosive power and anaerobic conditioning and followed an undulating periodization model. The control group, a college level team, (n = 9) participated in regular practice sessions only. Three repeated measurements were taken on the treatment group (baseline, at week 5 and at week 9) and two measurements were taken (baseline and week 9) on the control group. Tests administered to both groups were a vertical jump test, a T-test and an anaerobic speed test. A 2 x 4 MANOVA was conducted to measure performance changes over time with the treatment group. Statistical significance was set at α

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