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A three part project consisting of graduating essay, student internship report, studio work in painting Weaver, Carla B.


My interdisciplinary studies have concentrated on the practice of art, the theory of art and the business of art by combining the disciplines of art history, painting and arts administration through the Faculties of Arts and Commerce and Business Administration. This three part project replaced a traditional thesis in order to best explore these disciplines. Part I is a graduating essay, which discusses a management strategy for the 21st century for public art galleries in Canada. It calls for an interdisciplinary approach to management, so that Directors can combat the issues of reduced public funding, a work force composed of paid workers and volunteers, and a heightened awareness that, in order to survive, galleries must understand and communicate with all of their constituents including artists, audiences, volunteers, employees, politicians, private donors and corporate sponsors, and boards of directors. Part II of this paper describes my internship at the Vancouver Art Gallery, which took place from October 1992 to April 1993. The internship was part of my Masters program studies, and involved working on two projects: "Day Without Art" and "Art in Bloom." These two projects exposed me to project management within the art gallery context and to working with volunteers, artists and gallery staff. The report contained within this project describes my involvement in these two projects, and offers conclusions and recommendations. Part III of the project involved studio painting. Photos of 23 works that were completed during my study program are included, along with a description of the work. By studying painting, interning at the Gallery, and conducting research in arts administration and art history, I was able to gain a multidimensional point of view about the visual arts, which I believe will be invaluable for a career in the arts, and was an enjoyable and stimulating study program.

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