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An emerging role for calpain in skeletal muscle adaptation Shewchuk, Leann Dawn


In skeletal muscle, molecular and cellular adaptation occurs in response to changes in functional demand. The changes in phenotype are well described, however the signalling mechanisms which lead to adaptation are poorly understood. Our purpose was to determine whether acute changes in myofibril integrity caused by calpain activation are related to changes in myoblast proliferation and differentiation. We hypothesized that degradation products of muscle, capable of stimulating myogenesis, are produced in response to acute exercise. Wistar rats ran downhill on a motorized treadmill (16% grade, 30 m/min) for 60 min or remained sedentary. Saline extracts prepared from hindlimb muscle following exercise increased L6 myoblast proliferation and differentiation (p 10 kDa. A subset of animals in each group received E64c, a cysteine protease (calpain) inhibitor. The inhibitor attenuated the increase in differentiation associated with exercise (p

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