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The role of Parks Canada in the management of large mammal populations in Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks (the Rocky Mountain Parks) Morgan, Michael John


This thesis examines the role and activities of Parks Canada in the management of large mammals in the Rocky Mountain Parks (Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks). It also assesses the suitability of these parks as wildlife reserves in which a viable programme of mammal management can be undertaken. The method involves first a review of some of the important criteria necessary for a mammal management programme, and second, an outline of the type of wildlife reserve in which such a programme could be undertaken. The thesis then reviews the mammal management activities of Parks Canada in these parks, and compares them against the criteria established for both mammal management and wildlife reserves. It finds that the Rocky Mountain Parks, bear little resemblance to wild reserves in which a scientific programme of large mammal management might be undertaken. The conclusion is drawn that there is little scientific mammal management being undertaken in these parks. The emphasis is much more on the management of people and their recreation oriented activities. Recommendations are made as to how the situation could be improved.

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