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Intraspecific variation in the IUFRO 16 year old Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) : Provenance-progeny trial in Haney, British Columbia Kantarl, Mustafa


Variation in height, dbh and volume was analyzed after 16 years of growth. Results were compared with the 4th and 7th growing season measurements for height. This trial comprised 464 open-pollinated families representing 58 provenances planted at the University of British Columbia Research Forest in Haney, B.C. in 1971. Phenotypic variations between and within provenances, additive genetic variances, heritabilities, genetic gain and juvenile * mature correlations were estimated for the three growth variables according to zone groupings. The effects of provenance by block and family by block interactions were evaluated. Expected reductions from the genetic gain caused by the interactions were calculated. Relationships among growth variables and growth variables versus geographical variables were investigated by simple and multiple linear regression analyses. An attempt was made to classify provenances according to their adaptation to the Haney planting site, on the basis of their performance over the years. Within provenance variation for height was compared among provenances and was related to the geography of origin of provenances. Explanations from the point of evolutionary biology were discussed. High values of calculated genetic gain indicated that significant improvement could be achieved by selection. Age - to - age correlations for height were highly significant (p ≤ 0.01) over time and therefore it was concluded that selection is possible after age 7. However, if we consider the importance of the time factor in improvement, programs, it is feasible to select after age 5. Differential results obtained by regression analysis between height and dbh according to zone grouping suggest that volume will be a better criterion for selection purposes than height alone.

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