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A management plan for the University of British Columbia Research Forest Sanders, Peter R. W.


The Management Plan (1981) for U.B.C. Research Forest consists of four parts: a description of the Estate (PART I), a current management section (PART II), maps, figures and tables, and finally, the appendices and supporting material. The Management Plan has a "rolling" format, Year 1 of the Plan is complete with detailed prescriptions and costs, Year 2 in relatively fine detail, Year 3-5 in more general terms, Year 6-10 broadly outlined, and Year 11+ used for "crystal ball" projections. PART II of the Plan is revised annually, the entire Plan at 5 year intervals. Only one appendix (the index to the Central Filing System) is included in its entirety. Due to the bulk of the other appendices, only the header sheets are included with the Plan, the information being held in the Central Filing System at U.B.C. Research Forest. Using the one complete appendix, any information pertaining to U.B.C. Research Forest can be found. A prime objective of planning is to ensure continuity of management intent. The Management Plan of the U.B.C. Research Forest has the format, and the information base required to fulfil the objective.

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