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Carbon uptake strategies in the western boreal forest region of Canada : economic considerations Stennes, Brad


Land use change and forest management strategies for carbon (C) uptake are investigated for the boreal forest of Northeastern British Columbia. Deterministic cost-of-mitigation analysis indicates that afforestation does offer some potential for low cost C uptake. However, alternatives within the existing forest base are shown to be high cost and very limited in scope. These strategies include increasing the rotation length, changing the species, age and quality of harvests and more intensive planting. The uncertainty which plagues the climate change problem cannot be ignored. Strategies to meet C uptake and other objectives using traditional multiple scenarios are compared to one that applies fuzzy measures to uncertainties in timber yield, C targets and policy targets. The case study shows that the arbitrary choice of uncertain parameters, often done when employing multiple scenarios, is not appropriate and thus these uncertainties must be modelled explicitly.

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