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Some problems in testing provenance with special reference to the co-operative Douglas-fir provenance test at the University of British Columbia Research Forest Reuter, Franz


Importance of research on the provenance problem, which is basically one of seed transfer from collection site to outplanting area, is discussed with special emphasis on coastal Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco var. menziesii). The "Co-operative Douglas-fir provenance test," begun in 1957 and involving sixteen coastal seed sources from British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, is described in detail. Height measurements collected at the University of British Columbia Research Forest, when the trees were eleven years old, are analysed and the results are discussed. Due to site heterogeneity and young age of the Co-operative test, no significant height growth differences between provenances can be shown, although the local seed source, from the University of British Columbia Research Forest, seems to be the fastest growing and the southernmost origin, Butte Falls, the slowest of all provenances investigated. The Co-operative test is critically evaluated and specifications for further studies are recommended.

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