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Polyploidy and its application in forestry and a preliminary study of aberrant Douglas-fir seedlings Bolotin, Moshe


The paper reviews the literature on polyploidy in respect to its possible application in forest tree breeding. The occurrence of spontaneous polyploidy in various species is enumerated and its qualities outlined. An account is presented of the success and failure thus far attained in the search for improved varieties of forest tree species through polyploidy. Finally, the potentialities of polyploidy in forestry are summarized and some recommendations concerning future lines of research are outlined. The experimental work in connection with this thesis was the preliminary investigation of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirob) Franco) aberrants found each year among the seedlings at the B.C. Forest Service nursery in Duncan. These abberrants have been thought to be spontaneous autopolyploids because they resemble such polyploids found among nursery stock of other coniferous species elsewhere. This study, however, indicated beyond any doubt that these abberrants are not polyploids. Other possibilities which might have caused the aberrant form are discussed.

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