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Aesthetic and engineering analysis of Alouette River crossing Pasicnyk, Vladimir


This thesis deals with bridge design as an important part of road design and layout. Bridges frequently dominate roads and railways, and are, in many cases, a prominent feature of the landscape. Discriminating selection of the type of bridge and material to be used, having regard to technical and aesthetic requirements is therefore essential. Road construction and bridge design are both applied arts in landscaping, and should be considered as such throughout the planning sequence. Since the main thrust of this thesis is directed toward the aesthetic and engineering aspects, no attempt has been made to include overall economic analyses or details of construction; however, to indicate the basic nature of the engineering principles and to demonstrate appropriate dimensions of bridge components, calculations and sketches of a few bridges are included. Various types of bridges are evaluated and discussed in terms of their accordance with modern environmental requirements. The design of the new bridge across the Alouette River at the U.B.C. Research Forest is taken as a particular case study, the analyses of this crossing showing that thoughtful selection of both bridge and location can not only enhance the landscape, but also improve route conditions. Engineers should blend their talents with nature so as to create a harmonious landscape.

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