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An implementation analysis of the Clayoquot Sound scientific panel recommendations on First Nations perspectives Spiro, Holly Nicole


In 1995, the government of British Columbia adopted a set of groundbreaking recommendations for addressing First Nations perspectives in forestry in Clayoquot Sound. The recommendations focus on three themes: First Nations participation in forest management and decision-making, protection of cultural values, and incorporation of traditional ecological knowledge in management. Key informants from implementing agencies and target groups including government, the forest industry, First Nations, and multisectoral planning and co-management bodies were interviewed to determine how effectively these recommendations have been implemented. Outputs of implementing agencies and their perceived impacts by target groups were assessed. Factors that act as challenges or facilitators to implementation are determined, to explain the reasons for the observed degree of implementation success in each theme. Applying a broad, adaptive approach in defining implementation success, it was found that substantial impacts have been realized. Foremost among them are relationship building between previously disparate parties, and cross-cultural learning and exchange. However, it was also found that the observed impacts cannot be attributed solely to the recommendations being studied, as there are many interacting factors.

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