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Exploratory research on branding Canadian wood products in China Yan, Xiaoqian


This research focuses on understanding China’s market background, the changing Chinese consumer, and exploring the role of branding information on certain members of the Chinese wood products industry. This information could help Canadian wood products firms increase exports to the Chinese market by the judicious use of branding strategies. The specific objectives of this exploratory research are to: identify the branding awareness of some Chinese wood products users; determine which branding variables are important to these wood products users in terms of purchase decisions; and explore the sources of information on brands for these wood products users. A written survey was developed to collect primary data from wood products users in China. A total of 85 respondents (~50% of all Chinese attendees) attending the China Wood Markets Export & Import Conference held in Dalian city, Liaoning province from October 26th to 29th, 2004 completed the survey. Results of the survey indicate that performance/quality was the most important core value of brands wood for products. Competitive pricing, after-sales service and effective promotion, were viewed as three other important factors in terms of the relative importance in brands for wood products. Therefore, these values should form the core of the brand developed by Canadian wood products firms to improve opportunities in China’s competitive market. A successful brand would ensure consistent quality recognition and help a firm survive and grow in increasingly global competitive markets. Canadian wood products firms should be aware of the importance of branding their own products in China and develop, maintain and enhance their brands. Further research in China could determine specific aspects of a branding strategy. Firms should have a long-term commitment to the Chinese market since Chinese wood products users consider after-sales service as one of the top benefits for wood products brands. Branding could help ensure high enough volumes to provide some economies of scale to reduce costs resulting from providing such services. Chinese wood products users prefer to obtain brand information through TV and Internet promotions and these media should be effective conduits for Canadian wood companies wanting to brand in China.

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