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Development of an industrial image acquisition system for the measurement and dimensional control of wood furniture components Jung, Brian


The Canadian secondary wood products industry has seen substantial growth since the early 1990's; however, the industry continues to face fierce global competition from European and Asian competitors. These competitors have maintained competitiveness by reducing production costs through the utilization of either advanced manufacturing technologies and/or low labour costs. Due to global pressures, Canadian companies have now started to focus on different areas to reduce production costs. Quality is one area that Canadian companies are focusing on because quality problems can contribute to a 2 to 5% revenue loss. To assist the Canadian industry in cost reductions, a proof-of-concept of a real-time automated quality control system was developed. The system took existing machine vision technologies from other industries and adapted them to a system designed specifically for the value-added industry. Basic optical metrology techniques were used to map the surface profile of the parts leaving a machine centre. Three different basic profiles (tongue, groove and chamfer) were used to test the prototype system. The accuracy of the system was verified against several other measurement systems; digital calipers, digital micrometer and laser profilometer. To meet the industry requirements, the system's target accuracy was set to ± 0.1mm. The prototype system, however, was not able to deliver consistent results due to a lack of camera resolution and a lack of precision in the mounting hardware. Fortunately, these problems can be remedied with modifications to the hardware and software.

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