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Experimental evaluation of manufacturing parameters on the structural performance of rounded dovetail connections Anastas, Hiba


The revival of timber framing in recent years and the development of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines have led to a number of research projects and related studies on traditional timber joinery. This paper examines the experimental evaluation of the structural performance of rounded dovetail connections. The study investigates four different climatic conditions to evaluate their influence on the load carrying capacity, stiffness, and failure modes o f single and double dovetail joints under static shear loading. The study also examines the effect of manufacturing tolerances such as machining speed and joint tightness (tight joint versus loose joint) on the overall performance of the dovetail joints. It was found that the specimens manufactured and tested in the dry condition outperformed the specimens evaluated under the other climatic conditions. In the study of different manufacturing tolerances, it was determined that the joints produced at low speed and without a gap had a higher capacity than those produced at higher speed and with a gap.

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