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Design of a stable 150 kw 23 mhz amplifier for the triumf crm. Brackhaus, Karl Heinz


This thesis discusses the design of a stable 150 KW 23MHz RF system for the TRIUMF CRM cyclotron. The required characteristics of this system are presented with emphasis on the amplitude and phase modulation constraints. The composition of an amplifier system satisfying the power, bandwidth and noise requirements is discussed. Both the initial and present PA designs are presented, as is the design of the driver amplifier. Also included is a discussion of the choice of tubes and RF circuits. The usefulness of feedback control in satisfying the RF stability requirements is shown. The conditions a stable feedback system must satisfy are also given. Two amplitude control systems (drive control and screen control) are designed using Bode techniques. A digital simulation of these systems using an electrical analogue is presented. Implementation and results are discussed.

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