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Fabrication process and characteristics of a silicon strip detector Mills, David J.


The current and possible uses of semiconductor solid state detectors in nuclear physics are briefly discussed. The theory of solid state detectors is discussed with emphasis on the silicon PIN diode detector. A fabrication process for silicon surface barrier position sensitive solid state detectors has been developed at UBC based on the work of J.B.A. England. A fabrication process recipe is included. A prototype surface barrier detector system has been built and tested at UBC and TRIUMF using this process. The device has 1 mm position resolution in one direction, an active area of 40 mm in diameter and a mass thickness of 55 mg/cm². The measured efficiency for 50 MeV pions is 70% and expected rate capability is in excess if 1 MHz per strip. The detector efficiency is limited by a marginal signal-to-noise ratio.

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