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The anodic oxidation of aluminum Lye, Robert Glen


Some characteristics of the process of anodic oxidation of aluminum at a constant current have been studied. Solid aluminum oxide layers were formed in ammonium citrate at a constant current and the voltage across, the layer and luminescence from the layer were studied. Spectral distribution of the light emitted from the anodes has been determined and certain effects due to roughness of the original anode surface and to concentration of the electrolyte have been noted. Luminescence observed during oxide formation and after growth of the layer has stopped has been shown to consist of two separate spectra; the "glow" emission, which appears to be merely impurity activated luminescence of aluminum oxide, and the "spark" emission, which appears to be arc spectra, mainly of aluminum and hydrogen, super-imposed on the "glow", emission. Some discussion is given of the favoured theories of anodic oxidation in the light of experimental results.

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